The Problem
Example: Ninety million people watched the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, when the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake scandal happened.

Approximately 1 out of 5 Children were watching. The families tuning in were looking for football. They were not looking for an MTV sex cabaret show right in their living room, but that's what they got--including the following as reported in the media:
  • Striptease cheerleaders
  • One performer repeatedly fondling his crotch
  • Janet Jackson grabbing her breasts
  • Jackson and Timberlake groping each other
Think about it:
When Justin Timberlake shocked American parents by pulling off part of Jackson's clothing, CBS was quick to say that the "wardrobe malfunction" was not in the rehearsal. This means CBS saw the "sex cabaret" show ahead of time, knowing it would be seen by massive numbers of children. This is nothing short of a kind of child molesting.

For example:
If you had a neighbor friend who looked out for your 11-year-old boy when emergencies came up, and one day you came home to find out the man had shown a softcore porn magazine to your boy (a typical opening move for child molesters), how would you react? Even though the man never "touched" your child, you would still be furious, wouldn't you? Your next call would probably be to the police, or at least to your lawyer. After hundreds of thousands of citizens, including church leaders, expressed outrage, CBS was fined and admonished by the FCC. Why were we so angry?

Consider the following:
  1. The average American watches 14,000 references to sex in a year.
  2. On any given day, 45 sex scenes are seen on television a day
  3. It seems like everywhere you look sexual imagery is being pushed on children. It was once safe for American children to be out in public. Now they are in continual danger.
The culture encourages sexual behavior, and the results are devastating:
According to the CDC in the year 2000 there were almost 19 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases. Almost half of those cases (9.1 million) were among America's young, ages 15 to 24. That's 48 percent! And these days, STDs can kill!

Many women have heard these kinds of statistics, but literally do not know what to do about it. Yet, if there were a way to fight back working with other women a way that would be effective but would only require one hour of your time every two months, would you be interested?

The Simple Solution
Imagine you could make a difference--for a total investment of 6 hours or less a year!

Would you be willing to get the women of your church involved with possibly hundreds or even thousands of other Mothers in your community? Then please contact us to find out just how easy the C- MAC system is. Six hours a year is all we ask! It's easy, especially if they already belong to a Bible studies group, care group, home group or just like to have lunch together!

Hundreds of Concerned Fathers are doing what they can to protect the streets of the community. Mothers can get involved as well by working to resist the corrupting culture that is causing so much heartache in modern America.

Please read the WorldNetDaily commentary, "Killer Culture a Call to the Churches" linked here. This is the "civil rights movement" of the 21st century. How long can we stand by and watch our children corrupted? The "public square" is not private property. It is a place where children live, and they have a right not to be exposed to corrupting material. As their parent, you have rights too!

If the corrupting culture seems overwhelming to you, know that you are not alone in feeling that way. Liberal and conservative parents of both political parties are fed up with seeing their children traumatized by being exposed to influences they are too young to absorb.

Is it possible to make a real difference and to change the current anti-child environment? You bet it is. We are doing it already in one community. However the problem does seem overwhelming. Everywhere you look the culture has profound influence, which it uses to exploit the sexual curiosity of the young for financial gain. Think about how much time you get to spend with your children, and read the following:

Weekly Media Habits of Teenagers:
  1. The average teen listens to 12 hours of radio on public airways
  2. The average teen watches 13 hours television
  3. The average teen spends 16 hours a week on the Internet
No wonder the media is corrupting our youth, something the PBS documentary, "The Merchants of Cool" makes frighteningly clear (1-800-PLAYPBS).

90% of 8 to 16 year olds have viewed porn online, mostly while doing their homework.

We all worry about what our children eat. We want to make sure that their food will help grow them into strong adults. The same concerns could be raised about the sexual imagery our children are fed by the culture everyday.

Ask yourself:
Is this imagery healthy for them? Or is it toxic? Will it help build them into strong, clear-minded citizens? Or will it subvert their ability to be healthy adults? We all know the answer to this. Pornography, sexual imagery, and promiscuous sexual activity are devastating young lives, everywhere you look. Boys and girls have false images of each other, marriages are ruined, children are sexualized--Therefore mothers must fight back. We cannot hesitate. Our children and grandchildren depend on us.


Although our movement is not limited to Christians, we seek to spread the C-MAC system through America's churches, which are in every community, from small town to big city to suburban areas. We hope you'll use the Concerned Mothers Alliance for Children method to make a real difference where you live. If parents don't heal this land, who will? And this is an issue for mothers!

Invest that single hour (once every two months) in your family's future--and let your voice be heard with power. Enough is enough!

Please ask your church to register with us, and tell your friends in other communities about this website. Our list will be held in strict confidence. The idea is so simple it can spread quickly once it is launched. Those who register now will be an essential part of the overall effort to take back the public square for the sake of the children. Thank you.

The C-MAC Board

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