"C-MAC, although just getting under way, is capable of strengthening the whole
moral structure of our area,
if not our state and nation."

State Representative Gordon Anderson
Former State Representative Carl Wilson

Our call to the churches:

  1. Please help us stop the corruption of American children!
  2. The secret is not "time"
    and not "energy"
  3. The secret is coordinated prayer and simple action

It's organized...
It's easy...
It's fun...

For less than one hour every two months--
Your Church's women can make a huge difference--
Both nationally and locally!

It sounds too good to be true. But we aren't kidding!

That's right, only six quick hours out of a whole year!

Major National Book Recommends C-MAC
As a "simple and effective"
Way to Fight Back!

Home Invasion:
Protecting Your Family in A Culture that's Gone Stark Raving Mad
-by Rebecca Hagelin

Order Home Invasion

Visit HomeInvasion.org

"C-MAC provides a simple and effective system for churches to use against the corrupting influence of the pop culture. Clergy or lay leaders who think the women of the church might be willing to give 1 hour every 8 weeks to make a difference should register on this site for further information."
--Rebecca Hagelin


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The Basics
Concerned Mothers Alliance for Children (C-MAC) is not an organization you "join." It's a system you use--through your church. We created the C-MAC method in order to benefit busy Moms who are fed up with the corruptive culture. We are asking these mothers to gather together with a few friends for only one hour (less really) every two months. Can you really have impact in those 60 minutes? Yes! The secret is in how you spend the time.

C-MAC is set up for one basic reason--to stop the "child-molesting culture" that surrounds us all. The public square is not private property! It is every adult's responsibility to protect the children of the community. Time to get busy!

Please have your church contact us and we'll tell you how. C-MAC is a simple network of mothers (and would-be mothers) prayerfully equipped to use "hand-written notes" to make a difference, locally and nationally, by expressing love and caring--and all for less than one hour of invested time per two month cycle!

Either ask your existing Bible Study Group, Prayer Group, Home Group, Care Group, etc., to set aside one hour every two months for Concerned Mothers activity--or start your own C-MAC group through your church. C-MAC groups meet only when necessary. Choose what works for you!

Start right now by asking your church leaders to register on this site. Concerned Mothers Alliance for Children is designed as a system to serve the community primarily by way of its church mothers. This is not intended to exclude other "concerned mothers," but only to serve as a starting point for national action by mothers who are known in their church. Consequently, for simple organizational reasons, we must limit the public information on this site. More will eventually be provided. Thank you.

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The Problem

The Simple Solution

A Time To Act

"Moms with a heart to engage their culture in defense of our vulnerable kids is what C-MAC is all about. It is important to remember that our cultural leaders often make decisions without realizing their impact, but when mothers reach out, heart to heart, amazing things can happen. After all, the children are everyone's future--and all of us are responsible for them. C-MAC letters are written heart to heart, from a point of conscience and caring."
Pastor Bob and Becky Bonner
Calvary Crossroads

"Concerned Mothers Alliance for Children (C-MAC) provides an organized and effective way for mothers to express their community and cultural concerns regarding issues that involved their children. The direct but non-confrontational approach clearly indicates their concern in a format that invites dialogue and constructive resolution."
Dennis W. Webber
Senior Pastor
Parkway Christian Center

"So often Christians are seen as always complaining about what is wrong with society. C-MAC offers one positive response for our community. C-MAC harnesses the power of praying and caring mothers in a very practical and productive way."
Mark Goens
Lead Pastor
River Valley Community Church

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